Advantages of Going to a Small Rural College

I recently read a blog post in which a young man was lamenting about the fact that he had been admitted to a ‘boring’, small rural college. From the tone of his blog post, it was clear that he would have preferred to go to a big college in a major city. I had, of […]

The Problem With the Big Retail Chains

Lately, I have been thinking about the retail business. More specifically, I have found myself comparing the big retail chains with the small mom and pop corner shops. I have found myself thinking about these things following a recent event, where I had a rather nasty encounter at a big retail chain outlet. I won’t […]

Confessions of a Genius Who Went to Law School

In my last blog post, I gave several reasons as to why I think that business school is better than law school. Just after publishing the blog post, I bumped into a certain gentleman I grew up with in the same neighborhood. He is a very bright fellow, and some of us actually consider him […]

Why Business School is Better Than Law School

After graduating from college, I found myself facing the choice of either going to business school or going to law school. I ended up opting for business school, and as I said in my last blog post, that has turned out to be one of the financial moves I am grateful to have made. In […]

Four Financial Moves That I am Grateful to Have Made

Lately, I have been coming across lots of articles in which the writers recount the financial moves they regret. On my part, I am going to take a diametrically opposite approach, and recount some four financial moves that I am grateful to have made. Here we go. The first financial move that I am grateful […]

Why do People Invest in Stocks?

One of the questions that really torment my mind is the one as to why people invest in stocks. Whenever I look at the dividends that various companies pay to their shareholders on an annual basis, I always come to conclusion that those sums are pitiable. Peanuts. You find a person who paid $100 per […]

How I Have Benefited From the Contacts I Got at Business School

In my last blog post, I made it clear that for me, business school was not a total waste of time. I pointed out that through business school, I was able to gain, among other things, invaluable contacts. In today’s blog post, I will go a step further, and tell you about some of the […]

Is Business School a Total Waste of Time?

A few years ago, I found myself faced with a situation where I had to make a decision on whether or not to go to business school. It is at that point that I came across the popular argument to the effect that ‘business school is a total waste of time’. The people who proffer […]

Can Poverty Be Completely Eliminated?

Can Poverty Be Completely Eliminated?

The question as to whether poverty can be completely eliminated is a difficult one. We can start by posing this question in one of the first world countries, where some considerable ground in the fight against poverty has been covered. In that case, we are likely to find optimistic answers: given the ground that has […]

Why I Have Come to Dislike Credit Cards

Why I Have Come to Dislike Credit Cards

I was among the first people to start using credit cards, several decades ago when the credit card was introduced to the masses as a way of paying for things. My enthusiasm for the cards has, however, waned over the years. And today, I can actually assert that over the years, I have actually come […]