How I Have Benefited From the Contacts I Got at Business School

In my last blog post, I made it clear that for me, business school was not a total waste of time. I pointed out that through business school, I was able to gain, among other things, invaluable contacts. In today’s blog post, I will go a step further, and tell you about some of the specific ways in which I have benefited from the contacts I got at business school.

Firstly, the contacts I got at business school have, at various points, helped me get jobs. These are high profile jobs that I wouldn’t otherwise have gotten.

Secondly, the contacts I got at business school have helped me access credit. I recently gave an account on how I went about setting up a Sunbiz corporation, and how I am now trying to set up systems to ensure that the Sunbiz annual report filing goes smoothly. What I didn’t given an account of is the process through which I obtained the capital to set up the corporation. I won’t say much about it in today’s blog post, but only to point that the contacts I made in business school helped me a great deal in securing the credit. Without their help, I doubt if I would have been able to access this much credit.

Thirdly, the contacts I got at business school have helped me get even more contacts in government and other places that matter. By virtue of having attended business school with certain fellows, I earned my place in their inner circles. They are therefore always willing to introduce me to their other friends: and a friend of a friend becomes a friend. This is how my network of influence has grown greatly, thanks to the contacts I made in business school. Today, the nature of my network is such that whenever I need something done, I know the right person to contact for that. These may not always be the people I met at business school. But, in many cases, they are people I have known through my business school contacts.